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Result from the ICES DATa Screening Utility program for the following data:
Country: 06
Dataset: version 3.2 Biota, CF
FileName: 20181951.BFGG2017CS_2021Dec3_UTF8.DE
Monitoring Year: 2017
Submiting date: 21/01/2022 16:19:00
Time to screen: 7.4 minutes
Number of records in file: 20407
Max. Errors to return: 100000

   Number of records per record type: 
record: 00 0 Row(s)
record: 03 0 Row(s)
record: 04 0 Row(s)
record: 10 0 Row(s)
record: 20 0 Row(s)
record: 21 0 Row(s)
record: 36 0 Row(s)
record: 90 0 Row(s)
record: 91 0 Row(s)
record: 92 0 Row(s)
record: 93 0 Row(s)
record: 94 0 Row(s)

Number of ErrorsTypeReported ErrorsError Fields
19689error There should be at least one relationship between records (critical error)  
19419error Not used in this format (critical error) DEPHL
2613warning Value appears to be out of range of existing values in DOME R10.PARAM, R10.VALUE, R10.MUNIT, R10.BASIS, R10.MATRX
623error Cross field check (condition not met) R91, Condition
528error Cross field check (condition not met) R10, Condition
270error Field value is not valid in the given dataset. Contact ICES for more info - prevents entry to DB DTYPE
270error Cross field check (error preventing data import) R03, Condition
270error Data type mismatch (critical error) R03, Condition
79warning Station position appears to be on land R91.LATIT, R91.LONGI
6error Not used in this format (critical error) SAREA
1error Mandatory record 04
1warning Deprecated code SHIPC

Record LineTypeReported errorsError ValuesError fields
7warning Deprecated code AA14SHIPC


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