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StartFieldCodeDatatypeCode ListMandatoryAdditional InformationDescription
1 RecordType char(2) Record Type The reporting formats comprise a number of different record types, each containing different data fields. RecordType field consists of a 2-character code, which defines the record type and thus the layout of the data fields included on that record.
2 Survey char(50) EL_Survey Survey code
3 Country char(6) ISO_3166 Country ISO 3166 country code
4 Institute char(6) EDMO EDMO code of the institute performing the monitoring
5 Campaign char(150) National campaign (survey) name For the international survey, the survey code can be combined with the country code and eventually year
6 SurveyPeriod int(2) Survey period Division of the survey in a certain year into different periods, numbered from 1 to 99 Temporal sampling period of which the exact duration is determined by the realized start and finish of sampling within the predetermined dates. The egg production methods require that the whole spawning area is sampled within one Survey Period.
7 Ship char(6) SHIPC Ship code from SHIPC
8 Gear char(15) SMTYP Sampling gear code
9 GearDeployment char(4) GearDeployment Gear deployment or sampling method applied in the survey
10 MeshSize float(10) Mesh size in microns
11 MeshType char(15) MeshType Mesh type
12 CodendMesh int(6) Codend mesh size in microns
13 StationNumber char(15) Station Number
14 HaulID char(20) Haul ID
15 ELHaulFlag char(2) ELHaulFlag Eggs and Larvae haul flag U if the haul is untrusted, write in the notes why. Leave blank if the haul is trusted
16 NationalHaulID char(15) Haul reference in the national database, if different from the HaulID
17 Day int(2) Start day of the haul in UTC (DD)
18 Month int(2) Start month of the haul in UTC (MM)
19 Year char(4) Start year of the haul in UTC (YYYY)
20 Hour int(2) Start time of the haul in UTC, whole hours as HH
21 Minute int(2) Start time of the haul in UTC, whole minutes as MM
22 StartLatitude float(20) Haul start latitude in decimal degrees
23 StartLongitude float(20) Haul start longitude in decimal degrees
24 HaulDurationMinutes float(5) Haul duration in minutes
25 HaulDurationSeconds float(8) Haul duration in seconds
26 Distance float(5) Distance towed in metres
27 WireAngle decimal(3) Wire angle The angle (in degrees) of the wire measured as deviation from the vertical as specified in Smith, P.E.; Richardson, S.L. 1977: Standard Techniques for Pelagic Fish Egg and Larva Surveys. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 175, 100 pp
28 WireLength decimal(7) Maximum length of the wire shot in metres
29 Netopening decimal1(6) Netopening - inner diameter in metres
30 NetopeningArea float(8) Netopening area in square metres
31 FlowEfficiency float(6) Flow efficiency factor (scaled to 1)
32 NetClogging char(10) NetClogging Net clogging - qualitative estimate of clogging of the net
33 FlowmeterType char(4) FlowmeterType Flowmeter type
34 FlowmeterBrand char(100) Flowmeter brand free text
35 FlowIntRevs int(6) Internal flowmeter revolutions
36 FlowIntCalibr float(4) Calibration factor of the internal flowmeter in Revs/m
37 FlowExtRevs int(6) External flowmeter revolutions
38 FlowExtCalibr float(3) Calibration factor of the external flowmeter in Revs/m
39 VolumeFiltInt float(5) Internal volume filtered in m^3
40 ELVolFlag char(2) ELVolFlag Eggs and Larvae flag for filtered volume calculation base
41 DepthUpper float(6) Upper depth Minimum sampling depth in metres
42 DepthLower float(6) Lower depth Maximum sampling depth in metres
43 DepthBottom float(3) Bottom depth in metres
44 SurTemp decimal1(4) Water temperature at surface or 5 m depth in degrees Celsius
45 Temp20m float(5) Water temperature at 20m depth in degrees Celsius
46 Temp50m float(5) Water temperature at 50m depth in degrees Celsius
47 Temp100m float(4) Water temperature at 100m depth in degrees Celsius
48 BotTemp decimal1(4) Bottom temperature in degrees Celsius
49 SurSal decimal2(5) Water salinity at surface or 5m depth
50 Sal20m float(5) Salinity at 20m depth
51 BotSal decimal2(5) Bottom salinity
52 StatRec char(10) StatRec
53 Notes char(500) Notes Additional cruise or haul-related information in the EH record, or measurements-related information in the EM record, free text

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