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StartFieldCodeDatatypeCode ListMandatoryDescriptionAditional Information
1 RecordType char(2) The reporting formats comprise a number of different record types, each containing different data fields. RecordType field consists of a 2-character code, which defines the record type and thus the layout of the data fields included on that record.
2 Country char(3) IC_Country Country See legal country codes TS_Country
3 Year char(4) IC_Year Year
4 SeasonType char(10) IC_SeasonType
5 Season char(4)
6 Fleet char(60) IC_FleetName
7 AreaType char(10) IC_AreaType Area Type
8 FishingArea char(15)
9 DepthRange char(10) IC_DepthRange
10 UnitEffort char(3) IC_UnitEffort
11 Effort decimal4(15)
12 AreaQualifier char(20)

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