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StartFieldCodeDatatypeCode ListMandatoryDescriptionAditional Information
1 RecordType char(2)
2 Quarter int(1) Quarter 1, 2, 3 or 4
3 Country char(6) ISO_3166 Country See legal country codes TS_Country
4 Ship char(4) SHIPC Ship See legal ship codes TS_Ship
5 Gear char(6) Gear Gear See legal gear codes Gear
6 SweepLngt int(3) Sweep Length -9=unknown. Legal range 0 to 999
7 GearEx char(2) Gear Exceptions See legal gear exceptions TS_GearExp
8 DoorType char(2) TS_DoorType Door Type See legal door type codes TS_DoorType
9 StNo char(6) Station Number National coding system
10 HaulNo int(6) Haul Number Sequential numbering by cruise
11 Year char(4) Year Year of the cruise
12 SpecCodeType char(1) TS_SpecCodeType
13 SpecCode char(10)
14 AreaType char(2) TS_AreaType
15 AreaCode char(5)
16 LngtCode char(2) TS_LngtCode
17 LngtClass int(4)
18 Sex char(2) TS_Sex
19 Maturity char(4) TS_Maturity
20 PlusGr char(2) TS_PlusGr
21 AgeRings int(3)
22 CANoAtLngt int(3)
23 IndWgt float(6)
24 MaturityScale char(6) TS_MaturityScale Maturity scale
25 FishID char(15) Fish Identification number - running sampling number
26 GenSamp char(2) TS_Flag Flag whether genetic sample was taken
27 StomSamp char(2) TS_Flag Flag whether stomach sampling was taken
28 AgeSource char(20) SampleType Age reading source material
29 AgePrepMet char(5) PreparationMethod Age reading preparation method
30 OtGrading char(4) TS_OtGrading Grading of the otolith reading
31 ParSamp char(2) TS_Flag Flag whether parasite sampling was taken
32 LiverWeight decimal2(4) LiverWeight

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